A Letter From Heidi Edwards - Foundation Founder

My name is Heidi Edwards.


I  was diagnosed with brain cancer January 1, 2010. My tumor is the  highest grade of 4 and is very aggressive. There are actually 2 types of  tumors in the infected area. I have had 2 surgeries, radiation, on  going chemo and am going to start another round of radiation soon. This  experience has changed my life and helped me to realize how important  life is and how truly blessed I really am. God has worked many miracles  in me already and continues every day. I had the privilege of my  community helping financial contribute to my family to help the many  changes and relocation we had to make. With all that has been done for  me I only feel it right for me to give back. I want to pass God’s  blessings to me on to others. 

I  am now putting together a fundraiser of my own to help others in need  and fighting the daily cancer battle. This fundraiser is to help with  daily needs such as rent, food and utilities, things not covered by  insurance or other means. I found this area lacking for those who really  need it and am trying to start my own foundation to fill in the gap.  The fundraiser I am putting together will do just that.

The  event itself is going to be a spaghetti cooking contest for local  business/restaurant chefs. Each chef will prepare their sauce and  present it for the guests at the event. We will be doing a silent  auction for each chef, silent auction and raffles to help also. This  event could change lives and will impact our community greatly.  Please  take the time to consider any donations to send. Any and all are greatly  appreciated.

Thank you for the support,

Heidi Edwards


Thank you Heidi


Sadly Heidi passed away 3 weeks after the inaugural Spaghetti Dinner event.  

Those  of us involved in the foundation are dedicated to continuing Heidi's  vision and providing assistance to our local Lake Havasu residents and  their families in this most difficult battle.